RELEASE PATCH: Nightfall Demo v1.1

UPDATE: The latest version is now 1.2, available here. We just uploaded an updated version of the Nightfall demo! Here’s the change list: Weapons now have infinite durability (it will say 0). For existing saves, you can repair your old weapons at wellsprings. Significantly rebalanced one of the bosses and increased brightness. Removed a few … Continue reading RELEASE PATCH: Nightfall Demo v1.1

RELEASE: Nightfall Demo

UPDATE: The latest version is now v1.2. The link in this post has been updated. Hey all! Today’s the day: we’ve dropped a demo of Dark Souls: Nightfall. (For those wondering why it’s not the full game, see our previous announcements — tl;dr just too much to do before Elden Ring.) I’m quite exhausted and … Continue reading RELEASE: Nightfall Demo


I’ve finally started a website where I can publish updates on my activities and write about game design. I’d intended to do this a while ago with the old Daughters of Ash website, but since I have a lot more going on these days game-wise, this felt more natural. So welcome! Check out some of … Continue reading Hey!