Dark Souls: Nightfall Demo is now on Nexus!

Hey all!

We’ve been fixing more minor bugs in the demo, and have just released the Nightfall demo on Nexus Mods! (Twitter announcement here.)

As of writing, the version on Nexus is v1.3, which has a few fixes above the last version we uploaded to Mega (which will not be removed). This version includes some critical updates, like fixing the soft lock that occurred when becoming human or kindling at wellsprings, and some minor fixes to text, animations, armor stats, map drawing, and more that was present as of v1.2.

We’ll likely make a few more minor updates to the demo on Nexus to provide the best experience for people who haven’t given it a try yet — but if you already finished the demo, these updates probably won’t give you any new reasons to come back. If that’s you, then on behalf of the whole team, we hope you enjoyed Nightfall and can’t wait to show you the full release later this year. 🙂

See you on the other side of Elden Ring!

~ Grim

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