About Me

I’m Scott Mooney, known online as Grimrukh. That’s Rukh as in the mythical giant bird, pronounced like “fool of a Rukh.”

By night, I think a whole lot about game design, and create mods and modding tools for Dark Souls. I released a large mod called Daughters of Ash in 2019 and have since released a few smaller mods, including Roguelike Souls. Right now, I am working on Dark Souls: Nightfall and an original game that will basically generate an infinite number of Super Metroid ROM hacks exploration-focused 2D “Metroidvania” planets.

By day, I have a PhD in perceptual psychology (specifically vision) from the University of Sydney, and work as a researcher and scientific software developer in the US. I’ve studied how humans construct perceptual models of shapes, materials, and illumination sources from the patterns of light picked up by our eyes. At the moment, I’m developing eye tracking games that measure the abilities of your visual system without you even realizing it.

Please feel free to contact me about anything! I tend to reply fastest on Discord, where you can find me as Grimrukh#0058, but you can also message me through Nexus Mods or email me directly at grimrukh at gee mail dot com. I’m also on Twitter, which I’m going to start using more regularly.

If you like what I do, I also have a Patreon, where you can get exclusive mod previews, vote on what I work on next, and join monthly streams in which I’ll create new Dark Souls mods in real time by request. Your support is sincerely appreciated, and takes me one step closer to full-time game design.