Film Projects

I was an aspiring sci-fi filmmaker before I was absorbed into the world of programming and game design.

In 2015, I made an unusual fan edit of the Star Wars prequels called Star Wars: The Blackened Mantle (under the name “Darth Lunar”). I wrote a brand new script for the edited film by splicing footage with Japanese audio and writing new English subtitles over the top. The new script weaves the timelines of the three prequels together and tries to tell a more persuasive version of Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the dark side. It was viewed half a million times on YouTube before being taken down by Disney for “misleading content”, but you can still find a download link to the 1080p version (or just ask me). Apologies to fluent Japanese speakers, who will likely have to mute the audio to avoid the dialogue clashes.

In 2016, I wrote and directed a short science fiction film called Neuroplastic, which was accepted into multiple international film festivals, including the 2017 Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival. It’s certainly no masterpiece but it was a lot of fun to make and a very rewarding collaborative experience. Unfortunately, you can’t watch it anywhere online right now due to ongoing distribution talks, but that will hopefully change in the future.

I wrote a feature-length two-actor science fiction screenplay in 2017 that I planned to shoot when I moved to New York. Of course, that was exactly when HotPocketRemix mapped out the event scripts of Dark Souls, and my film aspirations transformed into game design aspirations. I might return to this one day, but honestly I feel it’s hard for film to compete with the creative depth, ease of distribution, and result-to-effort ratio of video games.