RELEASE PATCH: Nightfall Demo v1.2

UPDATE: The Nightfall demo is now on Nexus, where you can always find the latest version.

Another day, another round of bug and quality-of-life fixes for the Nightfall demo!

Download it here.

This will probably be our last update for a little while, as we think we’ve now eliminated most of the things that deserved fairly quick changes/fixes. But there will be another round at some point soon, and we’ll also take some time to figure out why a few of you are not able to run the installer.

Note that this version creates its backup folder in “NFBackup” next to your game executable, so any future updates should be easier to install (as they will already see vanilla files in that same folder). However, make sure to uninstall any previous version first! Your install should be completely vanilla before you run this new installer. I also whipped up some installation instructions that are included in the zip.

As always, enjoy, thanks for playing, and thanks for supporting us ❤

~ Grim

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