RELEASE PATCH: Nightfall Demo v1.1

UPDATE: The Nightfall demo is now on Nexus, where you can always find the latest version.

We just uploaded an updated version of the Nightfall demo!

Here’s the change list:

  • Weapons now have infinite durability (it will say 0). For existing saves, you can repair your old weapons at wellsprings.
  • Significantly rebalanced one of the bosses and increased brightness.
  • Removed a few enemies from the more crowded areas.
  • Music volume made more consistent.
  • Fixed some visual map glitches.
  • Spawn point is set to the Altar instantly, not after you step out into Demon Ruins.
  • Bottomless Box is enabled at wellsprings.

Thanks for all the kind words so far, and we hope these changes make the demo even better. šŸ™‚

~ Grim

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