I’ve finally started a website where I can publish updates on my activities and write about game design. I’d intended to do this a while ago with the old Daughters of Ash website, but since I have a lot more going on these days game-wise, this felt more natural.

So welcome! Check out some of the pages in the menu above to read about projects from my past, present, and future. There will also be upcoming posts on game design, which I’ll share on my Twitter.

I also have a Patreon now! I want to put more time into game design and modding, and it’s felt increasingly like Patreon is the best way to let that happen and keep y’all updated on my projects. I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of Dark Souls: Nightfall, posting any progress on my infinite Metroidvania project, and hosting monthly Q&A/modding streams.

Your support is eternally appreciated. I love my day job, but honestly, being able to work on game design full time would be a dream.

~ Grim

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