Dark Souls: Nightfall preview (18 minutes)

The Nightfall team has been working overtime for the last couple of months, and we’re happy to finally share some footage with you. Here’s 18 minutes of straight gameplay from the very start of the game. There are a few cuts when I die (for time consideration), but there’s otherwise no video or audio trickery — everything is recorded in-game in real time.

Nightfall is a work in progress, and very large one at that (no release date yet), so things are prone to change (nothing new to Dark Souls demos) and this video doesn’t include balance-level work like soul rewards or item placements. But it will definitely give you a sense of what we’ve been doing, and what the story and core gameplay will be like.

Giant shout-out to the rest of Team Nightfall: AinTunez, Meowmaritus, Dane Brennand (SiriusTexra), horkrux, wulf2k, Souv, Itzli, and Zullie the Witch. Credit also to Martin Billany for his excellent voice work.

Hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Dark Souls: Nightfall preview (18 minutes)”

  1. Hey Grim! Love your projects and your videos are very good even though I’m not interested in modding myself, just watch them because I’m interested in just knowing about it. Can’t wait to play this when it releases. Do you and your team want to give an estimate of when you are releasing it? And do you want testers? Would gladly play this and bugtest to take my mind off quarantining 😀

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    1. Hey! Thanks, glad you’re enjoying the videos. I’m afraid we don’t have an estimate yet, but to provide a general sense of where things are at right now, I would be ecstatic if there were some kind of initial pre-alpha prototype available for playtesting by the end of 2021. We’ll reach out to folks about potential testing when that happens 🙂

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  2. I loved DoA…
    It got me into playing DS# with other mods… None have had the direction and consistency over the period of its completion and updates.
    If DoA says anything… It is that this new mod will be amazing. Please keep your vision going and I’m sure there are 1000s of people waiting like me.


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